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The Spreewaldbahn Train
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Interfer's Billard A80D Railcar The Spreewaldbahn Train

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The Spreewaldbahn train.

There exists no BA steam locomotive on the market.

The only solution is to build one on a commercial H0m 0-6-0 frame. I have thus examined  the commercial models likely to be a suitable starting point.

The French company SAI markets Tillig sets composed of an tender 0-6-0 steamer in CFD livery and some goods wagons or passenger coaches. The price (250 euros) is a bit too high for the goal I have, to use the frame and practically get rid of the rest!

Considering in reality it is a redecoration in a French style of Spreewaldbahn rolling stock (the Spreewaldbahn was a metre-gauge line in former East Germany, here some picture of the real line, and here a model layout. Natürlich, it is in German :-), I thus looked for the original in Germany. It was a bit better, it is possible to find the sets for around 150 euros.

To find better still, I had a look at ebay, and was lucky to find a Spreewaldbahn passenger set branded Bemo-Zeuke, that I managed to buy for around 90 euros, including postage. It is the same model manufactured today by Tillig. The model has been been sold by various manufacturer after the end of East Germany, for if I am not wrong it used to be produced by Berliner-TT-Bahn, an East-German brand which no longer exists today.

I must only begin to work now to transform this little gem, which runs smoothly, in a BA 0-6-0, by replacing the body and painting the wheels.

To be continued with the modification steps.

The 0-6-0.

The luggage car.

One of the two passenger coaches.