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Interfer's Billard A80D Railcar
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Interfer's Billard A80D Railcar The Spreewaldbahn Train

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Building Interfer's Billard A80D railcar

I have bought and built a kit of a Billard A80D railcar from Interfer.

To begin with, I have spread out the kit box contents as well as the thinners and paints necessary for the job, to examine them in more details, and carefully read the instructions. Then I began to file the body clear of all flashes and imperfections.

13/11/2004: assembly begins
16/11/2004: airbrushing of a coat of white primer on every brass piece and on the car body.
28/11/2004: painting

18-19/12/2004: end (quite) of the project, the railcar runs.

Kit and paints.

16/11/2004 The railcar body.

16/11/2004 The railcar's chassis and inside.

16/11/2004 The bogie frames.

28/11/2004 Painting the bogie frames.

28/11/2004 Paint on the chassis.

28/11/2004 Painting the chassis and the interior.

28/11/2004 A coat of grey on the body.

28/11/2004 And a coat of red.

19/12/2004 The interior and the passengers.

19/12/2004 The body, including windows.

19/12/2004 The front.

19/12/2004 Near the lake 1.

19/12/2004 Near the lake 2.