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Project Index

This page enables you to access all the phases of the layout project.

The last updates (less than 3 months) are on yellow background


Page Last update date  Update subject
The building steps 13/12/2004  
Modules infrastructure 01/10/2005  
Tools and methods 18/03/2006

New pictures of the paint booth

The modules

Page Last update date  Update subject
The pond     
The station module 18/02/2006

Building of a switch ground throw

The railway-crossing keeper’s house        
The countryside (under construction)        

The rolling stock

The summary page on the rolling stock

Page Last update date  Update subject

Interfer’s Billard A80D railcar

The Spreewaldbahn train set 05/03/2006 (added)

Picture of the train set which will be used to build BA rolling stock

The wagon      
The De Dion MZ railcar (in project)