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The Building Steps
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This page presents the chronological steps of the project, from the most recent till the oldest




18 february

Construction of a switch ground throw.




27 November

Billard completely painted.

19 November

Interior green paint on the Billard.

16 November

Coat of primer on the Billard.

13 November

Beginning of the building of the Interfer Billard A80D

9 October

Grass gluing around the pond.

8 October

Ballasting the countryside module.

19 September

Sanding of the Interfer Billard A80D.

31 August and 19 September

Construction of a painting booth.

22 July

Construction and painting of the roads with depron.

10 July

Construction of the platform sides.


Building of the café kit (station module).

4 April

Papier mâché on both modules.

21 March

Rust paint on the rails on the station module.

11 and 12 January

Construction of the lake, painting of the clouds on the backdrop