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Modules Infrastructure
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Everything began on 4. and 5. October 2003

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On 4. and 5. October, purchase of supplies and building of the modules framework. This is module 1 that will support the station.

A view of module 2, the countryside, emphasising the pond surface.

Detail view of the pond.

The modules receive a foam board base, except in the lake area, naturally.

General view of the assembled modules, and on the terrace-workshop.

The two modules are wrapped–up and ready to be stored away.

Unscrewing of a cover.

The track is laid.

mod0017.jpg (85515 byte)

Make a hole to recess the switches to command the tracks.

mod0018.jpg (81235 byte)

The switches will be held by a piece of plywood.

mod0019.jpg (82842 byte)

Drill the holes for the switches.

mod0020.jpg (64566 byte)

Glue the styrene strip (for the look).

mod0021.jpg (47811 byte)

Fix the three switches.

mod0022.jpg (110547 byte)

Prepare the place for the plywood board that will protect the foam board from the transformer heat.

mod0023.jpg (91680 byte)

Fix the plywood board.

mod0024.jpg (94724 byte)

Fix the transformer.

mod0025.jpg (135873 byte)

Link the transformer to the different electrical circuits.